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You Only Get One Chance To Fail…

September 18, 2011

I met a friend’s husband a while back and we got to talking. Through the discussion, we started talking about success and failure… a passionate topic for me. As we discussed our views, he made an outstanding comment that has a lot of interesting truth in it. He said, “You only have one chance to fail.”

I really really liked that comment. It’s true. We only really get one chance to fail or at least to fail properly. Because the next time we try something similar, we’re unlikely to fail in the same way because we have more information than the last time that we tried it.

And, in fact, it suggests that we should pay particular attention to when we’re doing something that we soon realize will fail. We should be understanding it. We should almost be celebrating it… because it will never happen that way again, and that experience will help to shape us and help us evolve.

What a great way to look at failure… remember…. You only get one chance to fail.

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