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Wisdom From the Caribbean… All You Gotta Do Is…

August 31, 2010

Visiting with friends in the British Virgin Islands, I was reminded about a piece of wisdom from my wife’s colleague.  In fact, I may have been last told this piece of wisdom many years ago from him. 

He’s an easy going, successful part of the British Virgin Island community and holds many pieces of wisdom.  So, when the conversation somehow turned to all the things that we “gotta do”, he stopped the conversation with one thought. 

“All you ever gotta do is breathe.”  Simple and true.  All that anyone has to do is breathe.  You don’t have to do anything else.  Everything else is a choice and likely, in the whole scheme of things…. not as important as you think it is.

Brilliant words of wisdom.

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  1. Love it, so simple.

    We need to be reminded that all of life is a choice. The first time someone told me that, I didn’t believe them but I do now…..

    • mindscape says:

      Yup! Two of the most important words that we have in the English language are Choice and Control. Much of the work that I do revolves around them.

      It’s interesting how much choice is a factor in all that we do, more than most people think. It permeates the way we think, the people act around us, basically it defines “our universe”.

  2. Tim Ross says:

    “All you ever gotta do is breathe.”

    Love it, now that is laid back, deep refreshing thinking !

  3. mindscape says:

    There is a real wisdom here. This fellow deals with a lot of what we would define in North America as “stress” and yet he goes through it quite well.

    Here’s to a more laid back lifestyle for all.