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Wisdom from a Massage

June 15, 2011

I had the great fortune to receive a spa weekend for my wife and I as a gift from a client.  It was a great gift and we had a wonderful weekend.  And, believe it or not, during my massage, I learned a wonderful metaphor.

As a person who like connecting with people, I was chatting with the massage therapist.  I asked her how much “tension” she found.  Fortunately, she said that there wasn’t a lot but that there was some.  Before I could react, she said… “But, that’s good.  If we didn’t have some tension or stress, we’d fall over.”

What a great metaphor, we need a little bit of tension to keep us standing up otherwise we’ll go limp and fall over without the ability to do anything.

What more do I need to say… as many of us have heard before, we need to have some stress in our lives, some pressure to keep us going and motivated.  But perhaps not too much so that we don’t end up with too many painful debilitating knots.

This past weekend was a reminder that there are lessons everywhere.  Just be ready and open for them.

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  1. Jim Carty says:

    Very well said my friend. The magic however is determining which stress and tension we are experiencing is caused by a “good source” in our lives. We can then begin working toward managing, (or eliminating), those “not so good” sources.

  2. mindscape says:

    True. Very true. As well as unhealthy high levels of any stress.

  3. Kim Picard says:

    As tension/stress is never really gone, thus I believe the reason it is called a “massage” … to manipulate the stress to a manageable point.

  4. mindscape says:

    Yes, to bring it back to a normal amount of tension…. that’s a good way of putting it.
    Cheers, Paul