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Winter, Christmas, Holidays and Family

December 27, 2007
My family and I have been celebrating Christmas and the Holiday season over the past couple of days.  What a great time of year.  As my family and friends know, I am not a big fan of winter (I’m a child of the low latitudes and I find that I don’t get a chance to enjoy the positive side of winter).  But, this season is a wonderful time to do just that, enjoy winter.  More importantly, it offers the ability to regroup and focus on family.

If you are Christian and celebrating Christmas, then I wish you a Merry Christmas.  If you are celebrating a Holiday Season wherever you are in the world, then I wish you a great holiday.  Whether you celebrate other religious times throughout the year or not, I wish for all of us more time to focus on family.  However you define your family, whether they are blood relatives to you or not, these people are truly what makes us who we are.  And, it is wonderful celebrating them.
How have you been celebrating recently?

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