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Value Investing…

November 21, 2007

One of my loves is investing and personal finance.  And, I’m presently reading a book that I’m really enjoying for a number of reasons.  First, it is offering me the opportunity to learn even more about investing (because there is always something else you can learn). 

But, what’s as important and less obvious is that it reinforces a couple of life and business truths.  The book is basically on the application of value investing (such as what Warren Buffet does.)  It suggests that when investing you should find a great company that is priced at a wonderful bargain and then sit and wait as it appreciates. 

What’s key here is that it is a great company.  It was great yesterday.  It is great today (although at a discount).  And, it will be great tomorrow.  The strength is the foundation and the inertia that that greatness provides.  And, as business people, volunteers, parents, athletes, we need to do the same thing.  We need to strive to be great people everyday.  We may have our off days.  We may be discounted from time to time but that shouldn’t prevent us from our greatness.

Also, value investing reminds us that as in all things it is value that is important.  What is the value that we are bringing to the table whether that be our businesses, our families, our charities, etc. 

I hope that all of us have great success in value investing…. in ourselves.

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