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Uncertainty, Opportunity & Renewal

July 28, 2009

I’m seeing it everywhere. Things that people shouldn’t be talking about. This is a time of economic uncertainty. People are experiencing financial pressure, job loss or perhaps a job change. Many may be experiencing a lack of direction for career, professional or personal life; others are facing an unknown future or disillusionment with their career or industry. So, this is a time when many people really see very little that is positive.

But, I’m seeing opportunity everywhere. Many of my colleagues are having their best year ever. Many colleagues who have had challenges have also created opportunities elsewhere and are moving forward with strength. Throughout the beginning of this year, so much conversation was centered around the uncertainty in the global economy, a global recession, depression or worse. Very few people were talking about opportunity.

For me, truthfully, I was ignoring most of the conversation that was going on. And, as the year goes on, I’m hearing from a lot of people who have been choosing to not participate in the negative “reality”. It’s exciting. People are realizing that now is a major time of opportunity. Whether it be corporate, professional, or personal opportunities… they are out there.

The other thing that I’m hearing a lot about is…. Renewal. People are seeing this as a good time for renewal whether for organizations or individuals. People are getting ready for new directions, new strategies, and new futures. Now may be a time of uncertainty, but it is also an amazing time for opportunity and renewal.

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