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Turning Green, Leaving Yellow

February 28, 2013
Go Sign

Know when to go…

A colleague of mine has been involved with racing for years and years. And, he mentioned a technique used in racing that I believe applies to non-drivers as well.

At the start of each race, there is a series of lights that goes from red to yellow to green. What do most people do when they’re preparing to race?…. They wait until the lights turn green. That does seem logical, doesn’t it? But, the best race car drivers will not start their race when the lights turn green. They start when the yellow light goes out. It may seem to be the same thing at first, but when you think about it, it’s not. It is quite different.

Although there may not be a lot of time between when the yellow light goes out and the green goes on, it will still give you an advantage over the other racers. And, more importantly, you will just start faster.

What this tells us is to be careful about what signs we are watching for. Often, we may be waiting for the wrong sign to start something.

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About the Author:

A former IT consultant & executive, Paul has conquered marathons, triathlons, & Mount Kilimanjaro, has sailed across the Atlantic and has lived & worked overseas. As an engineer, Paul has an insatiable curiosity in how things work, particularly the fascinating terrain of the mind.

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  1. Bill says:

    Thank you Paul. This is a wonderful little metaphor for so many things in our lives that could benefit from timely action.