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To Garden or Not To Garden

May 5, 2010

I went to visit my Mom the other day as I do frequently.  I’ve come to know many of the people that work in her building and noticed one of them outside working on the gardens.  It’s spring and the flower beds had been suffering from the effects of winter.  I noticed how much work she had been doing and I told her, “Great job.  It looks great.”  Her response was interesting.  She said that, “it needs a lot of work.”  That wasn’t exactly the response I was expecting.

What I saw as a great positive change, she saw as an effort not good enough.  This made me start to think about why we had different reactions.  She had a lot more invested into the project than I did.  She also was likely the one who would have to do the work so she may have been lamenting how much work was left. 

This may sound a little bit like the standard half full / half empty argument.  But, there may be a greater truth here.  I think she was looking at the garden as something that would be complete, when in fact, work on a garden is never done, is it?  It always needs more attention, care, planning, and more upgrading. 

Your Garden

Isn’t that exactly like our personal and professional lives.  It’s never complete.  It’s ever evolving.  We always need to tend our “gardens” don’t we.  Sometimes we’re getting rid of that weed that’s invaded somehow.  Other times, we’re enjoying the blossoms. 

The learning point here is that it, our personal and professional lives, are never done.  We can’t wait for them to be perfect.  We need to enjoy the improvements we’ve made.  And, we need to celebrate that our “garden” will continue to evolve. 

That change in perspective is a powerful one, especially when it’s springtime as it is now.  It’s a time full of possibility.  A time to celebrate the flowers.

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