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The Wisdom of Tired Kids

August 7, 2009

This is not going to come as a surprise to anyone, especially those who read my blog…. but, you can learn a lot from kids if you choose to. 

I had a belief reinforced recently when I watched my kids after what had been a couple of long days.  We had been packing the days a fair bit and needed to have a couple of later nights.  What did this mean?  Our boys were starting to get fatigued.  Not fall on your face tired, just grumpy tired. 

Fatigue causes performance loss.  And, the worst kind is not the kind of tired where you go to work completely worn out.  I’m talking about just a little tired.  It can be insiduous.  You don’t see how your performance changes.  Or, the kind of decisions you make… or don’t make.  You don’t see the subtle little changes that happen to your manner and your manners.  People around you don’t know quite what it is but they don’t enjoy your company as much.

It’s very much like kids, except that they are more external and overt about it.  They may get grumpy, stamp their feet, cry or even get very quiet… it’s all the same thing.  They are telling us that they need more rest… and likely that we need more rest too.

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