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The Staggered Project…. Starting, Stopping and Starting Again

November 8, 2011

For me, there is no such thing as a project that starts, happens and ends.  Whether this is a small job of a couple of hours to a multi-week project.  Inevitably, the project gets put on hold either because I’m have no choice, or in many cases, exactly because I have a choice.  Now, to be truthful, there are those jobs and projects that you’re just not enthusiastic about and you are happy to put them down, but I’m not talking about those.  I’m talking about working on a project that is going well and deciding to take a break.

What I find is that when I pick up a different project for a while, when I come back to the first project, my energy for the project is higher.  And, more importantly, I also find that I may have a better concept of the project and make better decisions.  You could draw the analogy to the “let’s sleep on the problem” approach.  Giving yourself a little bit of time away from something can make a world of difference as your subconscious works away at the problem.

I also find that the variety also allows me to be able to get more done while being drained less.  Even the act of writing this blog is happening while I”m giving another project a little break.

So, when you’re dealing with projects (and almost everything in life and business is a project), consider starting and stoping.  Just be sure to be disciplined enough to get started again.  You will be happy with the results, and perhaps feel a little bit more refreshed.

And, feel free to tell me your strategies to project success.

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