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The Search Inside

October 16, 2007

Research into how the brain works is fascinating.  The world is at the beginning of a wonderful era of understanding into what makes us “tick” from the standpoint of our heads.  Over the next several years, I can’t wait to see what is discovered.  There is going to be benefit for those who are crippled with a sickness (Depression, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, and much more).  And, benefit for everyone as we all try to achieve our peak potential.   

Not only is there going to be benefit of having a better understanding of how the brain and mind work, but, I believe, it will leave us with more questions than when we started.  And, this will continue to show the beauty and complexity of humans and the human condition. 

Let’s hear it for all the researchers and academics pushing the world forward.

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