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The Scarcest Resource of All…

December 24, 2010

We often hear about the scarcity of many of our natural resources.  Maybe it’s oil, precious metals, minerals.  There are however other resources which are generally in short supply.

Probably one of the scarcest resources in the world is…  calm.  When you spend a little time thinking about your life, you will likely be like most people and agree that you do not have a lot of “calm” in your life. 

And, this time of year is an especially “un-calm” time of year for many.  If you are in a holiday season right now, how much calm are you experiencing.  Any chance of introducing a few more moments of calm into the next few days.  How much of a priority is “calm” for you?  What can you do to introduce a little bit more calm…. The best thing you can do is to plan for it.  Just be aware of it and then make time for it.

No matter how your days are right now, if you are celebrating a holiday season, have a wonderful time!

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