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The Quest for Success

October 11, 2007

Success and human performance have always fascinated me.  I’ve always be curious as to what makes someone successful.  What makes each of us perform at our best?  Why do some people find success easily and others not so?  At it’s core, what is success?  Why is the definition of success different for this person than it is for that person.  Yes, even defining success is elusive.  As frustrating as that is when you’re trying to discover the essence of success, it is also a truly wonderful realization how many different guises success can come in.  This realization can allow each of us to find our very own unique nirvana. 

These differences in how each of us defines success can be supported in so many different ways.  For example, when you look at personality testing you can see how we are each so different.  And, certainly studies on how the brain works show how much variation we have in terms of how each individual interacts with their environment.   

At the end of the day, each of us is a most amazing creature with a wonderfully unique pathway for success

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