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The Journey Starts in the Mind Long Before The First Step is Taken

May 31, 2010

People often think of a journey starting the moment you take your first step on the journey.  Even when the journey is metaphorical, we still see the journey starting when we take our first action. 

I would argue that this is not the point when our journey starts.  And, no, it does not even start when we start to plan for the journey.  I believe that the journey starts when we start to conceive it. 

This change in perspective is important I think because it helps us understand how important our mindset is to the development (or cancellation) of our plans, our schemes and dreams.  How we start the conception of our journey has an effect and sometimes a large effect on the outcomes of that specific journey. 

To give an example of why the conception of the journey is so important, consider the process of visualization and the use of something called mirror neurons in the brain.  When we are visualizing something and not actually doing it, or if we see someone else doing something that we are familiar with, the mirror neurons in the brain fire because the recognize and are reinforcing the actions required for that activity.  And, even when we visual an activity that we are not completely familiar with, mirror neurons help us to understand what may be required and how we may need to react in that situation. 

Mirror neurons and visualization are a powerful tool to help us conceptualize.  They help to improve the odds of success on all of our endeavours. 

How do you use visualization and conceptualization to help with the success of your journey.  Write me a reply.

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