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The Dark Side of Christmas…

December 28, 2011

Well, Christmas has happened and New Year’s is coming.  And, it’s quite possible that you’ve experienced the dark side of the holidays by now.  It’s something that is talked about a lot and certainly needs to be talked about more.

So, what is the dark side of Christmas?  Well, let’s first consider what Christmas is supposed to be.  It’s supposed to be a time of good cheer.  A time of joy, hope and love.  And, parts of it are to some people some of the time.  But, for many people Christmas and the holidays are not what they are marketed as.  For example, many families have already experienced the “holiday fight” where emotions got a little tense and words got said that you may regret.  Isn’t it strange how a time to celebrate our friends and family can actually put the greatest strain on those relationships.

But, here is the real dark side of Christmas.  Many people don’t even have family to feud with.  Or, if they do, they don’t see them.  For others, a death in the family or other tragedy removes the joy and hope of the season.  For many who are lonely throughout the rest of the year, the holiday season is just an exclamation point on how they feel about themselves or their lives.

My challenge to all of us is to be more aware of those around us who might not be having a lot of fun during this “festive” season.  Who around you really doesn’t enjoy the holidays?  Who might be lonely?  Who feels left out?  And, why can’t we talk more about this?  If we talk more about it, we can truly make it a season of joy, hope and love for so many more people.

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  1. nancy rattle says:

    Paul …. Christmas is yet another opportunity to exercise tolerance, acceptance and/or forgiveness. If we do not hold close these intentions/desires, what are our lives really worth?