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The 3 Second Now

February 11, 2009

One thing that you will hear talked about in the human performance and success world is the importance of being in the now.  Have you ever considered what now means?  According to researchers, the length of time that we conceive of as being the present is 3 seconds.  I find that fascinating.  Yes, I know it not a big deal but it is always interesting to see how our minds work. 

There are about 3 seconds around the exact moment that you are in right now that you would consider the present.  Everything else is the past.  And, of course, there is the future which is a topic for another day.  This leads well into some other research that brain researchers are seeing around how the brain deals with thinking and memory.  When you experience something or “get information in”, it goes into something that is like a staging area.  It is in this area that everything is sorted and dealt with regard to whether it needs to be dealt with, filed or just tossed.  It’s a bit like a spam filter.  These memories get shuffled from area to area as they become part of your historical memory.

So, how is your now?  How do you experience it?  How much time do you spend in the now versus doing historical research in your memory vault?  What is the right percentage for you?

And, perhaps most importantly, isn’t the mind, our brain and how we work just amazing!

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