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Taking Inventory… Sailing Adventure… Jan 7th, Here We Come…

December 20, 2011

Time is ticking and it is getting close to the start of our big adventure.  If you’re not aware of the big sailing adventure, I’ll fill you in.  My wife and I are taking our 3 boys out of school for 8 months so that we can sail around the Eastern Caribbean.  Very exciting!  This has been in the works for quite a while and we’re so excited.

A large portion of the fun of this adventure has been the planning, as it is with so many things.  And, the nice part of this was that it fit so nicely with one of my mantras… you’ve got to take inventory.  If you don’t have a good sense of where you are and what you’ve got, it’s going to be a lot harder to get where you want and need to go.  Every step of the way along our journey to getting to this point has involved some element of taking inventory.  Whether it’s figuring out what we physically need to buy or acquire, or perhaps some additional knowledge or training that we need, we knew what it was that we needed by having done inventory.  All this helped us to be ready to make it happen.

Now that our adventure is about to start, we will continue to do inventory.  We need to know what equipment needs to be replaced, or what supplies might need to be replenished.  The same is true with our businesses, our personal and professional lives.

So, keep taking inventory and keep pushing to make your plans come true… whether it’s sailing, building a business, nurturing a family, or just living the dream.  And, then, make it happen.  For us the adventure down south starts January 7th.  More news to follow.

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  1. Timothy Ross says:

    Paul, like to wish You and your family a Happy New Year. Sounds like an exciting adventure awaits you, all the best to you as you embark on your sailing trip. Looking forward to your updates.

  2. Essie Wooder says:

    Wow. That is obviously exciting. A Caribbean sail. Wish I could experience it someday. In my place, if you talk about trip, you will be thinking more about the expenses. And get disappointed suddenly.