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Tag: winning

Who do you listen to? Your Head. Your Heart. And, the answer is….

September 28, 2010 4 Comments

I’ve recently been going through a lot of books that I’ve had on my reading shelves (read the plural).  And, I’m making great headway.  One interesting thing that I noticed the other evening was how many authors (and colleagues), promoted the fact that people listen to much to their head.  That we should be more […]

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Invictus… The Power of Forgiveness

June 29, 2010 0 Comments

I had the opportunity to watch the movie Invictus the other day. It is the true story based on the South African Rugby team as they try to win the 1995 World Cup of Rugby to gain the honour of their country, the host nation. For me, there were 2 great lessons. One, is the […]

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High Performance and the Olympics… Duh…

February 21, 2010 2 Comments

Of course, great examples of high performance exist at the Olympics. And, if you pay attention to what the athletes and the coaches say about the athletic performances, they will often say that performance comes back to mindset. A really great example of this was given today during the hockey game between the USA and […]

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Personal Victory

June 9, 2009 0 Comments

I was involved in supporting people this weekend who were walking 60 km (36 miles) to raise money for a charity. There were hundreds of people and we (my 3 boys and I) were moving around the route with them cheering them on and playing upbeat music for them as they passed. It was a […]

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Success Google Alert

January 15, 2009 0 Comments

A curious observation I made recently.  As you know, I am most interested in success and what it means to us.  Recently, I renewed a google alert on the word “success”.  I hadn’t done this for a while and I wanted to see what I would get.  Alas, I was reminded of why I turned […]

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Franklin & the Art of Team Building

January 15, 2008 0 Comments

I have 3 children and as part of my world, I get to watch a lot of children’s television.  Now, some of it is awful but much of it is very good.  Often there is a moral or a learning point.  And, yes, these learning points are pretty basic but everyone needs to keep hearing […]

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