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Tag: motivation

Nike 2.0 — Just Do Anything

January 28, 2011 0 Comments

Everyone now and then I will find myself stuck.  Everyone does.  Your trying to get your list of things done, but you become overwhelmed, or you just start to phase out and you find yourself sitting and doing nothing.  What’s the cure if you’ve got big projects due and your just can’t get started.  In […]

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Closing Out The Year….

December 30, 2010 0 Comments

So, it is again that time of the year.  The year is aging to a close.  All of the plans, schemes and dreams we had for 2010 are now coming to an end.  For some, this can be a little depressing for a number of reasons.  We look back and it is often easy to […]

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September 24, 2010 0 Comments

When you think of the word “inspiration” most of you will think of a word that could be defined as: — Arousing to a particular emotion or action  — You may think of people that are an inspiration for others.  You may think of those things that cause people to be motivated to do great things. If […]

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Invictus… The Power of Forgiveness

June 29, 2010 0 Comments

I had the opportunity to watch the movie Invictus the other day. It is the true story based on the South African Rugby team as they try to win the 1995 World Cup of Rugby to gain the honour of their country, the host nation. For me, there were 2 great lessons. One, is the […]

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The Eyes Have It

June 8, 2010 0 Comments

This weekend was a great experiment for me in terms of the power of the eyes. I was honoured to be a part of my wife’s challenge to walk 60 kilometres as part of the weekend to end all women’s cancers. The role that my 3 sons and I played was the same as last […]

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Mindscape Changes Its Landscape

May 12, 2010 0 Comments

Okay, it happened a little while back, but I still should be telling you about my new website on World Class Excellence.  This newly minted site is the first half of a 2 stage upgrade.  The layout and structure has changed to be more easily accessible but, the most important thing is that there is […]

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The Pain of Comfort

April 30, 2010 4 Comments

I was struck the other day by how often people are quite content to stay exactly the same.  We are comforted by the thought and feeling that today will be the same as yesterday and we hope that tomorrow will be more of the same.  We’re not interested in something new.  We’re quite happy having the […]

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SNAP – The Sound of a Habit Breaking

September 21, 2009 0 Comments

I was listening to an “expert” in the personal performance field talk about habits the other day.  It was interesting.  Didn’t agree with all that she had to say but it did get me thinking about habits some more.  I’ve thought about and researched this area about as much as anyone, I guess.  And, I’ve […]

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