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Tag: Mindset

New Car Speedometer

October 12, 2011 2 Comments

This is a bit of a silly story but still one with a good learning point. It started when I went looking for a new car. I researched the features that I wanted and I filtered my needs down to one car. Next step, to go for a test drive. The result… I was quite […]

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Coaching meets the Real World

June 22, 2011 0 Comments

I have blogged on this before, but it is so good that I need to remind everyone of it again. I want you to watch a video on a coach who has an amazing grasp of what motivates people, in particular young people. When you’re done, reflect on how this applies to you.  What can […]

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Attitude is Everything…

May 31, 2010 5 Comments

This is a short course on attitude, visually.  We all have those people in our life who send us those emails that make their rounds.  And, we all from time to time will read those emails, although most of the time, we’ll just delete them.  And, less frequently, we’ll find an email that really makes […]

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The Journey Starts in the Mind Long Before The First Step is Taken

May 31, 2010 0 Comments

People often think of a journey starting the moment you take your first step on the journey.  Even when the journey is metaphorical, we still see the journey starting when we take our first action.  I would argue that this is not the point when our journey starts.  And, no, it does not even start […]

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Mindscape Changes Its Landscape

May 12, 2010 0 Comments

Okay, it happened a little while back, but I still should be telling you about my new website on World Class Excellence.  This newly minted site is the first half of a 2 stage upgrade.  The layout and structure has changed to be more easily accessible but, the most important thing is that there is […]

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The Pain of Comfort

April 30, 2010 4 Comments

I was struck the other day by how often people are quite content to stay exactly the same.  We are comforted by the thought and feeling that today will be the same as yesterday and we hope that tomorrow will be more of the same.  We’re not interested in something new.  We’re quite happy having the […]

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Can’t Say Can

April 8, 2010 0 Comments

You can take the title of this post however you like.  It has many great meanings.  But, to flesh out what I’m thinking let me tell you about something that happened to me this morning.  We all suffer from both can and can’t mindsets.  And, they can both show up in interesting ways.  I was […]

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High Performance and the Olympics… Duh…

February 21, 2010 2 Comments

Of course, great examples of high performance exist at the Olympics. And, if you pay attention to what the athletes and the coaches say about the athletic performances, they will often say that performance comes back to mindset. A really great example of this was given today during the hockey game between the USA and […]

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Drugs, Doping, Ben Johnson & You

October 13, 2009 2 Comments

Sometimes research is interesting.  Sometimes it’s curious.  But, sometimes it’s just plain important…. and awesome.  So, what’s got me all excited?  Research into HGH or Human Growth Hormone.  This is a popular doping drug used by athletes to get a performance boost.  As you can guess, anytime the term “performance boost” comes up, I’m interested, […]

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The Words We Use

July 14, 2009 0 Comments

Recently, I’ve been reminded of something… how the words that we use, define who we are.  They define our spirit.  They define our perspective.  They define our nature.  And, I believe that we have the ability to change the words that we use, and thus, change who we are. The words that we use informs […]

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