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Tag: goals

Dare To…

February 10, 2011 0 Comments

Do you dare? Recently, I’ve been really interested in the concept of daring. Not daring someone else like in public school. But, daring yourself. The idea of thinking big and daring to give it a try. It’s such a beautifully simple idea. And, a great way to motivate yourself to do more… to explore your […]

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Life List… It’s Your Life… Your List.

January 26, 2011 2 Comments

It’s been a while since I discussed what I call a Life List but what many call a Bucket List.  Have you spent any time on yours? A Life List is a list of all the important things that you want to get done during your life.  It can cover many many different areas.  I […]

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Happy New Year 2011: What Will Dare To Do This Year?

January 6, 2011 0 Comments

Happy New Year Everyone! So, is it going to be a great year?  What are your schemes and dreams for this year?  I’d love to hear what you’re going to dare to do this year.  What’s going to make this year special for you? It’s time to continue my tradition of asking people to write down what you […]

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The Eyes Have It

June 8, 2010 0 Comments

This weekend was a great experiment for me in terms of the power of the eyes. I was honoured to be a part of my wife’s challenge to walk 60 kilometres as part of the weekend to end all women’s cancers. The role that my 3 sons and I played was the same as last […]

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Happy New Year 2010: The Year Of You…

January 15, 2010 4 Comments

Happy New Year to All!! It’s going to be another great year, again. So, have you decided?  It’s part way through the month of January and hopefully you’ve decided what this is going to be The Year Of… for you.  Have you done this before?  No, then, read on. I’ve started a tradition in asking […]

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Hockey and The Art of Personal Development

October 21, 2009 0 Comments

One of my sons is playing hockey. This comes as no surprise since he is, as many younger boys and girls in Canada are, passionate about the sport. This is his second year and he is still loving it. He seems to be quite competitive (which perhaps isn’t a huge surprise) and certainly enjoys being […]

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Be Happy Or Else

February 10, 2008 0 Comments

Research and reporting on happiness is everywhere. One article I read recently discusses the elusiveness of happiness. There was a discussion about nature versus nurture – are you born happy or can you become happy. As with many arguments, the research still suggests that you are born with a level natural happiness that you can […]

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