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Tag: challenge

Wisdom from a Massage

June 15, 2011 4 Comments

I had the great fortune to receive a spa weekend for my wife and I as a gift from a client.  It was a great gift and we had a wonderful weekend.  And, believe it or not, during my massage, I learned a wonderful metaphor. As a person who like connecting with people, I was […]

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Happy New Year 2011: What Will Dare To Do This Year?

January 6, 2011 0 Comments

Happy New Year Everyone! So, is it going to be a great year?  What are your schemes and dreams for this year?  I’d love to hear what you’re going to dare to do this year.  What’s going to make this year special for you? It’s time to continue my tradition of asking people to write down what you […]

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Reading and Writing…

December 14, 2010 0 Comments

Here’s an interesting problem…. It’s a variation of the “if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?”  Does someone become a writer only after someone starts reading their material.  And, more specifically for people in my business, if no one actually follows the models and systems that you write about, are […]

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The Eyes Have It

June 8, 2010 0 Comments

This weekend was a great experiment for me in terms of the power of the eyes. I was honoured to be a part of my wife’s challenge to walk 60 kilometres as part of the weekend to end all women’s cancers. The role that my 3 sons and I played was the same as last […]

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The Pain of Comfort

April 30, 2010 4 Comments

I was struck the other day by how often people are quite content to stay exactly the same.  We are comforted by the thought and feeling that today will be the same as yesterday and we hope that tomorrow will be more of the same.  We’re not interested in something new.  We’re quite happy having the […]

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Real Customer Service — Ritz Carleton Customer Service

January 25, 2010 0 Comments

Every now and then, everyone has an experience with customer service that is just awful. That’s not a surprise. It’s bound to happen that you’re going to experience that from time to time. What’s unfortunate is that I think many of us find the customer service that we experience on a daily basis is lacklustre. […]

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The Words We Use

July 14, 2009 0 Comments

Recently, I’ve been reminded of something… how the words that we use, define who we are.  They define our spirit.  They define our perspective.  They define our nature.  And, I believe that we have the ability to change the words that we use, and thus, change who we are. The words that we use informs […]

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Back in Action

December 31, 2008 0 Comments

Well, I’m back after a long self-imposed hiatus.  The reason for the hiatus was to keep balanced while I worked on a variety of projects.  The projects were successful but one in particular was important.  I sailed across the Atlantic this past spring.  Quite an adventure and I will post more on it as time […]

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Surrounding Yourself With The Best…

December 12, 2007 0 Comments

Again, I’ve had a chance to surround myself with people I respect, I learn from and who challenge me.  I think we should always give ourselves the treat of this kind of experience.  It helps to re-focus me.  It illuminates what I am doing at that time and how it fits into the bigger picture.  […]

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Today… I am not going to stop, period.

November 20, 2007 0 Comments

Okay, today is one of those days.  I am being challenged with everything that I do.  Trying to finish my newsletter – The Performance Navigator – I was dogged with technical difficulties.  Even when I actually finished the article and was happy with the video that I had attached for my subscribers, I ended up […]

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