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Surprise Improvement

October 26, 2007

One client that I’m working with has just had a huge leap in terms of her performance.  How do you think that happened?  The truth is that a very large part of it was just starting to work with me.  And, it happened before we actually did any real work together.  So, what changed her performance was instant accountability.  Accountability is one of the three things that you need to help ensure you actually implement your goals.  Create some more accountability today!

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  1. Barb says:

    You’re so right! In the corporate world, we are all accountable to someone in the organization. What throws a lot of people off when they become an entrepreneur is that there is no longer any accountability, no frame of reference, any longer. I think that’s what holds a lot of business owners from reaching their full potential. Accountability can be a good thing, and it can come in many forms. Having a “success partner” is the best thing anyone can do for themselves and their business.