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Success Google Alert

January 15, 2009

A curious observation I made recently.  As you know, I am most interested in success and what it means to us.  Recently, I renewed a google alert on the word “success”.  I hadn’t done this for a while and I wanted to see what I would get. 

Alas, I was reminded of why I turned it off the last time that I did that.  I got tons of links.  Most of them were useless to my cause…. or were they.

The outcome, when I paid attention, surprised me.  A good percentage of the alerts (40-50%) were articles from the sports.  It is interesting and true how much the world of sport represents and reflects the larger world and the core concept of success.  I’m not sure what else this tells us except that sports is a great science kit from which we can study success in the larger world.

I didn’t review all of the links.  But, my guess is that success in most cases was all about winning.  Now there’s a topic of discussion for another time.

Cheers, Paul

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