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Storytellers – Part 2

July 8, 2009

I’ve been reading a great book on storytelling called “Did I Ever Tell You About The Time…” by Grady Jim Robinson. 

It’s a wonderful book for people who tell stories. The main kind of story that Grady Jim focuses on is the Hero’s Journey. In my opinion, this type of story is the most important and common story that we have as humans. We see this story everywhere.

In the hero’s journey, we see a person who leaves his or her normal situation, faces a challenge, and then returns a new person to be welcomed back to their world and people. We even see this story in the recent loss of Michael Jackson. Love him or not, he had and created many stories and journeys. And, these stories appealed to many people. People were drawn to more than just his music, they were drawn to the story of a young boy who left the ordinary world of youth and went off to conquer the entertainment industry. And, did.

Whether it be books, television, the newspaper, the radio, music, your story telling aunt, or your own observations each day, there are stories that surround you daily. They are the way that we communicate — the way that we define ourselves. They are an intimate part of society, of our humanity, and what makes us human.

Pay attention to your stories and the stories that support you.

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