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Soon Is Not a Calendar Date….

February 27, 2011

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend and we were talking about something that they were working and needed to complete. I asked them when they were going to be finished. Their answer…. Soon.

My immediate and impulsive response was… “Soon is not a calendar date.” And, it’s true. You can’t find Soon between Tuesday and Wednesday. You can’t find it during the second week of June. It’s not even a month ending in “ber”.

When you label something as soon. You are declaring that there is no specific deadline for completion. You also declare the priority level for you. It’s not as important as something that you declare needs to be done by next Tuesday.

Now to be fair, my friend’s response was flippant, quick and not really thought out. But, it likely tells a truth about what they were truly feeling about that task.

How often could you catch yourself saying soon or something like it. Not only are you forecasting your true thoughts and feelings, you’re also directing your own energies toward or away from where you might want to go.

It truly is important to watch our language, isn’t it.

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