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Reading and Writing…

December 14, 2010

Here’s an interesting problem…. It’s a variation of the “if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?”  Does someone become a writer only after someone starts reading their material.  And, more specifically for people in my business, if no one actually follows the models and systems that you write about, are you an author? 

For writers like myself, it is not good enough that people are reading our material.  We also want people to actually do something with it.  We want them to change, to evolve, to grow in some way.

Specifically, when I am writing, I am always thinking about a “call to action”.  I am always wanting my readers to actually do something with my systems, models, and even my rants.  Always thinking about a call to action is important for me personally too.  It means that I keep myself action focused when I need to be.  How about you?  Do you challenge yourself to be action oriented.  Do you try to maintain “call to actions” in your daily life? 

What is going to be your next call to action?

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