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Personal Victory

June 9, 2009

I was involved in supporting people this weekend who were walking 60 km (36 miles) to raise money for a charity. There were hundreds of people and we (my 3 boys and I) were moving around the route with them cheering them on and playing upbeat music for them as they passed. It was a great experience for me and for my boys. And, apparently from the feedback that we got, the participants really loved it as well.

Now I knew that what we were going to do was going to be a good thing but I never thought about why it affected them so positively until now. I think the reason that they responded to our cheering and more importantly the music was for a few reasons. First, the music that we played during the route was upbeat, positive and encouraging. It elicited an emotional response which was what they needed to keep going with energy and power. Another reason that they appreciate our support was that we were there for them. We tried to support them individually so that they knew that we understood what it was that they were going through. And, finally, the last reason was related to the music that we played for them as they went up the last hill at the end.

We played the Theme from Rocky. You know, the theme that just screams…. You Are A Champion! Nowhere in the lyrics does it say that but that’s what everyone associates with it. It makes everyone feel like they are the hero. And, you know what, they were. On that day, at that hour, they were the heroes of the day and they deserved our attention and our admiration. Many of them had probably not ever been the hero of their story before.

I do hope that they all are the heroes of the story again soon. These people who came in all shapes and sizes really did an amazing thing by raising 2.1 million dollars, and most importantly by achieving a Personal Victory!

Here’s to all the victors in our lives.

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