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Perception, Branding and Authenticity

January 15, 2011

One, they involve an area that I love, “perception”.  Here’s an example of the ad that show’s how we can all perceive things differently.  It’s wonderfully different and makes a point.

Second, they struck out and started to use an area that was previously unused.  And, now they “own” that space.  We all think of them when we travel and specifically expect to see their ads when we’re heading on to our plane.  It is very strong marketing.

With these points they are developing their brand very well.  They want to be “the world’s local bank”, and by placing their common ads in similar “locals” around the world, they’ve done that.  They give people the impression that they are local everywhere.  In fact, they are in about 49 different airports and have over 8000 offices around the world.  The ads speak to their branding.

They also hint strongly at how perception is important to your financial success and how each individual’s solution needs to be different.  Also, they show that it is important to them as an entity which is important for the consumer to know. Again, well done. 

With these ads they invite the perception that they are a different from other banks, which is exactly what they want you to understand and it is in line with their branding completely.

There are many good lessons in these ads, as well as the fact that they are just good fun too.

What can be useful to learn from the ads is the issue of authenticity to your brand.  How authentic are you?  How authentic are you to your brand? 

If you don’t believe that you have a brand either as an individual or with your company or organization, I would suggest that you should think again.

Consider how authentic you are to your brand and how you can better advertise your branding.

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