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Old Timers & Reality TV

August 8, 2009

I continue to be amazed at the power of the story.  I was walking along a shopping mall recently and walked past a couple of “old timers”.  You know the scene.  They were holding court with each other on a bench, oblivious and completely aware of those people around them.  And, what were they doing?  They were telling stories of how things were and how they had made the right decision long ago at an important junction in their lives.

Last night, while perusing what was on TV, I realised how many reality shows there still are.  Why?  Because, we all love a good story.  We love the story of the hero, the underdog, the opponents, the good and the evil.  And, we get all of that from these shows.  We get people who are often larger than life living out a “play” where we get to see a very human story act itself out.

Why are these stories so important for the old timers and the reality TV stars?  Because we are essentially defined  by the collection of our own stories.  Both people define their self-worth in what they’ve done and what they’re planning on doing.

You are your stories… happy writing!

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