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Nike 2.0 — Just Do Anything

January 28, 2011

Everyone now and then I will find myself stuck.  Everyone does.  Your trying to get your list of things done, but you become overwhelmed, or you just start to phase out and you find yourself sitting and doing nothing.  What’s the cure if you’ve got big projects due and your just can’t get started. 

In those cases, you need to give yourself permission to do something small.  Yes, some will say chunk up your big project and get started on a small item.  Sometimes, however, you need to just do something else.  Something trivial even.  Once you get a few really small things under your belt, you will have built up your inertia again and will find that you’re back on track.

So, next time you find you can’t “Just Do It”…. try “Just Do Anything” to get your energy back.

What do you do to keep yourself going when you just don’t want to?

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