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My Pleasure…

June 30, 2010
I have the pleasure from time to time with my work to stay at a truly world class hotel. Recently, I was again honoured to stay there for a week while I was working. And, I believe that I can sum up their success in 2 words…. My Pleasure. Why do these 2 words, that every employee uses all the time, make them a success? For a number of reasons that I think that we can apply to our own work and frankly, our own lives.

First, it is their pleasure. What I mean is that they are taking ownership and defining that they are the owners of your impression of the hotel. Second, they not only say that it is there pleasure, but, they also believe it. Each and every person, truly enjoys being there for you in whatever role they play. For most of us, we don’t believe this. And, in fact, we can even become suspicious of people who truly enjoy their work. But, here, everyone feeds off the energy of the other employees and their guests. Do they sometimes have down times? Yes, but is that there default standard? No.

My Pleasure is the foundation of their customer service success. And, their customer service success is the foundation of their differentiation and of their business success.

It’s a great lesson for everyone. How can we make our work… My Pleasure.

Let me know about your thoughts and how you make what you do… Your Pleasure.

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