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Life List… It’s Your Life… Your List.

January 26, 2011

It’s been a while since I discussed what I call a Life List but what many call a Bucket List.  Have you spent any time on yours?

A Life List is a list of all the important things that you want to get done during your life.  It can cover many many different areas.  I have more information and a template available if you choose the menu item above.

Caribbean Yacht Charter

For me and for my family, a big Life List item is coming pretty soon.  Starting in January 2012, less than a year away, my family and I are going to be sailing for 8 months in the Caribbean.  It’s an experience of a life time.  But, it is not the only experience on our Life List and most are not as big as this one.  This key item though has been on my Life List for a quite a while and it will now be a reality.

What is on your Life List that needs to become a reality?  I’d love to hear about it.

PS.  If you interested in the ultimate dream of sailing in paradise, then check  out Paul’s new boat and business…   You don’t need to know how to sail to experience this unique opportunity.  And, ask Paul about how you can use the boat for your own clients.  This is the ultimate Caribbean Yacht Charter.

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  1. I have an absolutely huge bucket list, that I blog about. It has been a fantastic way to make my dreams become a reality. I will be going indoor skydiving on Monday and taking a cruise in April…check…check!

    • mindscape says:

      Hey Annette,
      Yes. It really is. And, when you start to look at what you’re putting on your list, it is also a great way to do some self-inventory.
      Have a great time with the skydiving. Let me know how it goes.