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Less Is Less…

October 21, 2010

Many people have heard the saying that “Less is More”.  I have and I’ve used the saying.  In fact, I bought into the saying until recently.  The concept was that sometimes, we just make things too complicated.  We add too many variables, or choices, or options, or details, or… words.  The idea behind “Less is More” is that we all want more and for that reason, sometimes choosing less is actually more helpful or more beneficial to us. 

Here is where the crux is.  The idea that what is better is “More” and thus to explain to someone that what they want is something better, and thus it must be “More”.

I think we need a new paradigm.  We need to not think of better as only being “More”.  It can also be “Less”.  We need to recondition our thinking to realize that we can get caught up in the disease of “More” to our detriment.  And, to be clear, “Less” is not always better.  Sometimes we need “More”.  It depends.

So, join me in restoring the concept that “Less is Less, and More is More”, and what we want or need can be “More” or “Less”. 

Let me know what you think…  more or less.

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