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Leadership – From Theory to TV

February 2, 2011

Leadership is everywhere.  And, examples and stories of leadership are everywhere too. 

Even on tv you can find great examples of leadership.  One genre that has a lot of examples are “cop” shows or any show where there is an implicit leadership structure.  These kinds of shows are ready made for stories about teamwork and leadership.

Here is an example where I believe that the writers and actors got leadership really right.  It’s a very small scene in a much larger context but it does illustrate so many examples of good leadership and a good team. 

Enjoy and watch it a couple of times to see the nuances of what makes for good leadership and good team players.

How much do you pay attention to stories of leadership around you?  How much do you learn from those examples.

I’d love to have other examples of great leadership that you really like.  Let me know.

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