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It’s what you do… isn’t it?

January 31, 2011

Listen.  That’s one of the best actions one can take to discover more about oneself.

A colleague once asked me why I wasn’t listed under a certain topic area in a directory.  I responded that I was actually under other areas.  Her response was eye-opening, or perhaps… ear opening.  She said… “Isn’t that what you do?”

That was a big comment.  And, fortunately, I was listening and open to the message.  I thought I was in a certain business, and in fact, I was being told that I was actually in a slightly different business.  It was a slight variation that had an important impact on how I perceived my business.  And, most importantly, she was right!  In that moment, she had more insight into my business than I did.

What was reinforced for me that day, on top of the new information on my business, was the real need to be listening to what others are saying about you.  Not just for business but also personally.  Listening to what others say about you may just be what you need to hear. 

And, if no one is talking about you, then maybe you just need to ask the question… “Tell me what is it that I do?”

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