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Invictus… The Power of Forgiveness

June 29, 2010
I had the opportunity to watch the movie Invictus the other day. It is the true story based on the South African Rugby team as they try to win the 1995 World Cup of Rugby to gain the honour of their country, the host nation.

For me, there were 2 great lessons. One, is the undervalued and underappreciated virtue of forgiveness. I think that many or even most people thought that South Africa could not go through the process of reconcilitation. But, in the end, they did and it was the right thing to do. Did it resolve all of there problems, no. But, it certainly put them in a better position than they would have been in any other case. Forgiveness can help heal and unlock a lot of hidden hurt that we experience.

The second lesson was the power of aspiration. If you don’t aspire to be greater today than you were the day before, you are certainly not going to be on the road to being all that you can be. And, this rugby team truly aspired to be more than they were, more than others thought they could be and even more than they thought they could be themselves.

As many of you will agree, a movie or a story has the wonderful ability to create inspiration and aspiration. I would suggest that this is one of those stories.

What stories, movies, songs, or books have been inspirational to you?

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