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I think I saw Toto fly by…

January 9, 2008

I live in the country on 27 acres.  Much of the land around our home is open and it can get quite windy from time to time.  And, we can also suffer from other elements of nature as well.  All this comes with the benefits of living where we are.

Recently, we’ve been having “interesting” weather as much of this part of the world has been getting.  We’ve received a LOT of snow.  Now it’s all melted and melting away.  The creeks on our property are overflowing and there are ponds where there shouldn’t be ponds.  We’ve also been having powerful wind.  The kind that makes you think of Dorothy and Toto from the Wizard of Oz.  We’ve lost a lot of shingles from our house will likely see some other damage as well.

All of this “weather” has culminated today in most of our area losing power.  Now, this is not something that we haven’t experienced before but it did get me thinking.  My boys and I were moving about the house getting candles out checking on the status of the sump pumps (or more importantly the rising water levels in them) and so on.

What struck me was how it wasn’t necessarily a big deal.  We don’t have every precaution in place and every scenario dealt with but we do have a handle on most eventualities.  And, what that gives us is control.  We’re in control.  We are mostly prepared and feel a sense of being able to handle the situation.

Aren’t our normal days like that as well.  When we are prepared and feel a sense of control we are much more likely to be able to move forward and enjoy ourselves and feel that we’re accomplishing something.  Even in a scenario like this where at the end of the day Mother Nature can largely take charge, we can feel a sense of control over the situation.

We got a call from our neighbours, who are just amazing people, asking us if we needed anything, if we had water, or if they could help in any way.  We were able to comfortably say.  Thank you, but we’re okay at this point.  And, we weren’t just being polite.  At that point, we were doing just fine and we were able to admit that things might change.

How are you in control?  How are you prepared, day to day? 

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  1. mindscape says:

    The story ends without us seeing Dorothy flying by. The wind has slowed down a bit although it has done that on and off for the past few days. There is no rain. The power has been restored. The melting snow and water are still everywhere but the pumps have come back on with the power to keep us dry.

    Life continues to be good. And, we’ll move forward being as prepared as we can be.