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I need a BBQ

April 14, 2010

Okay, apart from sharing some personal stuff, what’s so exciting about needing a BBQ?  Well, I do love to BBQ and I was really excited to get a new BBQ since the old one was on its last legs.  But, the really interesting thing I learned was in the shopping process.

You see the process of shopping for a BBQ could have been a really painful process.  For some people, they just go into one store, look around and then pick a BBQ.  For me, it’s not so simple.  I want to get the perfect BBQ for me.  If I were to just go into a store, I’d get overwhelmed and probably a little lost. 

In this case, I can say that the experience was a good one and here is why…… I knew what I wanted.  I took inventory of what was important to me, did some research as to what were the reasonable options and then when I went shopping, I knew what to look for, I’d narrowed down my search and I had a great deal more focus.  Does this sound like something that applies to only BBQ’s?  No!  Of course not.  This is the recipe for creating a powerful business, a powerful life, a powerful organization, even a powerful family. 

Knowing yourself is a wonderful tool in being content, being more successful and in general, being your best.

It’s exciting and in this case, it means that I have the right tool for the job… yum.  Here’s to a successful BBQ season (which is basically year round for us).  And, here’s to a successful season for all of your endeavours too.

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