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How Big is Good Fortune?

November 4, 2009

When someone is talking about good fortune, do you think about it as being big or small? No. Good fortune does not come in a size. In fact, it can’t be “Super-Sized”. It’s just Good Fortune.

Those who are the most fortunate actually search it out. And, they are looking for it anywhere and everywhere. In the small cracks and large crevasses of their life, they are looking for it wherever they can. This is an important truth. Those who are the most determined to search out good fortune will also be the ones who find it the most, in whatever format they find it in.

It’s a refreshing thought that good fortune doesn’t come in a particular size, colour, type, look, etc. It is just what it is… Good Fortune.

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  1. Tim Ross says:

    Finding good fortune is an interesting pursuit. It is like finding the good in a thing. For example, I took a bunch of pictures of some construction area, dirt, rock, heavy equipment. Now for many people this would be a worthless find. But to the right person, this was a treasure , it actually became a collection and the centre talking point for a family separated by thousands of miles. What good fortune for me to have created such an opportunity to connect with humanity, and we all learned some interesting facts and feelings about an otherwise uninteresting group of pictures, now a treasured collection of history.

    Life is a Work in Progress
    Have a great day