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High Performance and the Olympics… Duh…

February 21, 2010

Of course, great examples of high performance exist at the Olympics. And, if you pay attention to what the athletes and the coaches say about the athletic performances, they will often say that performance comes back to mindset. A really great example of this was given today during the hockey game between the USA and Canada. At the game, Alex Bilodeau, who was the first Canadian to win an Olympic gold on Canadian soil, was asked whether he was more nervous watching the Canadian team playing or participating in the final of the Men’s Moguls in Freestyle Skiing. He responded quickly and confidently, “I’m way more nervous today because I don’t control anything.”

Control is one of the most powerful words / concepts that we have. If you have control, you have a lot. You tend to perform better, be more confident of the outcome and react better to a negative outcome. And, if you listen to the winning athletes, they tend to sound like they have control before during and after the event. They believe that they have control not over others but of their situation (not matter what the end result is).

So, if you want to wish your favourite athlete well, wish them control. And, here’s to control for you as well.

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