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Hesitation Hurts… Indecision Kills…

July 26, 2010

It’s true. Hesitation does hurt. Think of all the times that you have hesitated and lost. Perhaps it was a job opening, an exam answer, a new relationship or even that last piece of cake.  It all counts and it all hurts when the only thing holding you back from having made it was hesitation. Ouch!

Okay, but how does indecision kill. First, let’s look at what is the difference between indecision and hesitation. Hesitation is when you do make a decision but it’s just not very quick or there is a brief moment of self-doubt or recalculation. In a short time or even a split second, an opportunity can vanish. That is the power of hesitation. Now, there is a balance to hesitation in that it is possible to actually prevent a negative event by hesitating to ensure that everything is proper.

So, what is indecision if hesitation is the above definition. In my mind, indecision is the absence of making a decision. You are faced with a decision or with a next step, or even just an action, and you don’t make it. You “sit” there and you make no decision at all. You do nothing. In my life, my performance is at its worst when I’m am indecisive.

And, this is why indecision kills. You are killing your time. You are killing your learning, You are killing your creativity in some cases. You are killing your evolution as a human being. There is no redeeming side to indecision.

So, if you have to do anything… hesitate… but whatever you do… please, do make a decision.  What do you think?  Agree?  Disagree?

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  1. Kim says:

    I agree that indecision can hurt. I really appreciate the your distintions.
    I think the key is to “listen” to the hesitation, to feel and explore it’s message/purpose in the moment. How is it serving? How is it not serving? Is it an intuitve warning or is information missing? By remaining active with the hesitation, we can learn from it and prevent it from turning into indecision.
    It’s been said (sorry, I don’t remember the source) that “indecision is a decision to not make a decision”. So indecision can equal a passive yes or no… never the less, not much accountablility in it.

  2. mindscape says:

    Hi Kim,
    Great thoughts. I do agree that we have to be aware of what is going on. And, that knowledge will help us to make an informed decision. I’m also not adverse to deciding not to decide. But, I do believe that that is an active decision, which is the important point. This relates to one of the most important characteristics we have as people – the ability to choose. I’ll need to blog on this soon. Again, thanks for your thoughts. Right on.

  3. I think you are right on with this. What is interesting is that sometimes even when people take time out from being busy they feel guilty and I remind them you made a decision now be good with this. Yes life is a place of learning and gaining new ideas and concepts and growing but great wisdom comes from learning to sit in silence and listen. So while I advocate for people to slow up their lives I certainly don’t mean for them not to grow and learn. I believe that is really important to our well-being. What I would say is that chasing life or having life chase you is not at all a great way to live. So balance is key.