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Hardwired For Stories

May 13, 2009

Well, one of my beliefs seems to be born out in the research.  It seems that people are hardwired for stories.  For whatever evolutionary reason (the researchers are sure of the reason), people are predisposed to understanding and needing stories.  If you think about it, it makes sense.  Stories are everywhere.

Stories exist in the movies and tv that you watch, in the plays that you go to, in the music that you listen to, and in the gossip that you would never repeat to anyone else.  🙂  Stories also exist in more unlikely places like the corporate world.  Good corporate stories are what can make a company.  They can create buy-in for the employees and they can buy-ing for the clientele. 

Like I mentioned, stories are everywhere.  We need stories.  In the absence of stories, we’ll make them up.  Look around and see all the stories that exist.  What are the important stories right now… the economic crisis, a new administration in the United States, a new baby in your family, an employee leaving your company.

Perhaps the most important story for all of us is the story that we are creating… our lives – personal and professional.  I believe that in many ways our lives end up being basically just a series of stories and thus we are just a collection of stories.  What do you think?

I also believe that a very important role in our society is the storyteller… more on that another time…

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