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Franklin & the Art of Team Building

January 15, 2008

I have 3 children and as part of my world, I get to watch a lot of children’s television.  Now, some of it is awful but much of it is very good.  Often there is a moral or a learning point.  And, yes, these learning points are pretty basic but everyone needs to keep hearing them over and over, kids and adults alike.

So, I was watching a show called Franklin (with my kids :-).  The show is about Franklin a turtle and this story revolves around Franklin’s soccer team (football for most of the world).  It seems that they just couldn’t even score let alone win a game.  This was obviously very frustrating for Franklin and his friends.

Does any of this ring a bell for you?  It does with many teams I know.

At one point after the game the ball was coming at Franklin and he head butted the ball.  His friend Bear was very impressed and I guess that knock on the head was just enough to give Franklin an idea. 

Again, sometimes we just need to give our heads a shake.  🙂

His idea was that they weren’t using their strengths.  Franklin was good at head butts, Rabbit was really fast with great big feet for kicking, Goose was awesome but only at stopping balls with her wings, and Beaver had a great tail for passing the ball.

When they all played their natural positions and emphasized their strengths, they came together as a team.  Rabbit was a forward up front.  Goose played goalkeeper.  And, Franklin and Beaver played mid-field.

Did they win the next game?  No but they did score goals and more importantly they felt like a team and knew they were now working like a team. 

There’s a lot of wisdom in their for the teams that we are a part of day-to-day, whether they be work teams, volunteer teams, sports teams, etc.  So, go find out what position you play best and have fun!

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