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New Car Speedometer

October 12, 2011 2 Comments

This is a bit of a silly story but still one with a good learning point. It started when I went looking for a new car. I researched the features that I wanted and I filtered my needs down to one car. Next step, to go for a test drive. The result… I was quite […]

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Being Centered… Maybe Not

March 31, 2011 1 Comment

Often people say that you need to be centered.  That you need to find your center. I won’t disagree with that but I will add a slightly different point of view.  While you need to be centered and know who it is that you are as a leader, business leader, or personal and professional person.  You […]

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Leadership – From Theory to TV

February 2, 2011 0 Comments

Leadership is everywhere.  And, examples and stories of leadership are everywhere too.  Even on tv you can find great examples of leadership.  One genre that has a lot of examples are “cop” shows or any show where there is an implicit leadership structure.  These kinds of shows are ready made for stories about teamwork and […]

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Perception, Branding and Authenticity

January 15, 2011 0 Comments

One, they involve an area that I love, “perception”.  Here’s an example of the ad that show’s how we can all perceive things differently.  It’s wonderfully different and makes a point. Second, they struck out and started to use an area that was previously unused.  And, now they “own” that space.  We all think of […]

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The Examined Life (or Career, or Business, or Sports Team or…)

September 30, 2010 0 Comments

Socrates said many amazing things. None of which really needs to be improved upon. However, let’s look at the comment, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” It’s a very interesting statement that is making a certain commentary which has a bit of truth to it. If one were to live without any examination of […]

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Attitude is Everything…

May 31, 2010 5 Comments

This is a short course on attitude, visually.  We all have those people in our life who send us those emails that make their rounds.  And, we all from time to time will read those emails, although most of the time, we’ll just delete them.  And, less frequently, we’ll find an email that really makes […]

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The Journey Starts in the Mind Long Before The First Step is Taken

May 31, 2010 0 Comments

People often think of a journey starting the moment you take your first step on the journey.  Even when the journey is metaphorical, we still see the journey starting when we take our first action.  I would argue that this is not the point when our journey starts.  And, no, it does not even start […]

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To Garden or Not To Garden

May 5, 2010 0 Comments

I went to visit my Mom the other day as I do frequently.  I’ve come to know many of the people that work in her building and noticed one of them outside working on the gardens.  It’s spring and the flower beds had been suffering from the effects of winter.  I noticed how much work […]

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Can’t Say Can

April 8, 2010 0 Comments

You can take the title of this post however you like.  It has many great meanings.  But, to flesh out what I’m thinking let me tell you about something that happened to me this morning.  We all suffer from both can and can’t mindsets.  And, they can both show up in interesting ways.  I was […]

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Are You Falling Enough?

March 23, 2010 0 Comments

My family and I just finished a week’s vacation skiing which included amazing weather, lots of fun with friends, pretty good snow conditions for March and lessons for the kids.  In fact, this was the first time that any of our kids had been on skis and they had a truly amazing experience with really […]

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