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Brain Dead

November 1, 2007

 One belief that persisted for a very long time about the brain was that once it was done growing (relatively early in life) you had all the “brain” you were going to have.  It was believed that as neurons and others cells died off that was it for them.  It was also felt that the way that your brain was “wired” during its development was permanent.  If it was wired with certain abilities and traits… so it stayed for the rest of your life! 

One of the biggest things to be coming out of recent research is the fact that our brains do grow and alter over the course of our life.  That means that we can alter our brains.  We can continue to “improve” its structure.  This is important for diseases such as Alzheimer’s where working on cognitive ability is so important.  It is also as important for everyone because it tells us that we can continue to exercise our minds (like our other muscles) to improve “thinking” ability.  In fact, as much as we should be exercising our muscles, so should we be exercising our minds. 

There are programs out there that you can use.  I’ll list them in the days to come.

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