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Being Normal

November 29, 2011

Before we get to being normal, let’s look at being average.  I think that many of us can buy into the concept that we don’t want to be average.  In fact, studies show that that a much higher number than 50% of us believe that we’re above average in any specific measurement of us.  This of course, leads us to the fact that some of us are over estimating our abilities.  In fact, being able to clearly understand where our true strengths exist and where our weaknesses are, is a real sign that the person is destined for great things.

So, let’s now look at being normal.  If being normal, by definition, means that you’re just like everyone else, then one can argue that being normal is to be without distinction or even to be bland.

What’s interesting is our societal conditioning.  Generally, I believe that we are conditioned to believe that we should strive to be above average and, yet to be normal.  This seems a little bit strange for a couple of reasons.  First, as we can see from the studies referred to above, most of us are more average than we think in more ways than we think.  Also, being above average and being normal also seem to be opposing goals in many cases.

It stands to reason that what we should truly be striving for is to be above average in our areas of strength while also striving to be different from normal as is appropriate.

So, how are you not normal?  Let me know.

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