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Being Centered… Maybe Not

March 31, 2011

Often people say that you need to be centered.  That you need to find your center.

I won’t disagree with that but I will add a slightly different point of view.  While you need to be centered and know who it is that you are as a leader, business leader, or personal and professional person.  You also cannot necessarily learn anymore about yourselves if you only spend time where you feel safe, where you feel comfortable.

People and leaders, almost by definition, need to evolve.  You need to grow, to adapt to your surroundings as they change.  And, when that happens you become a new version of youself.  You learn more about what your skills and talents are, especially new and emerging talents.

Given this, you cannot grow and evolve without actually spending time exploring your edges.  

What have you done recently to explore your edges?

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  1. I agree Paul that we need to explore our edges to grow but I’m finding it a much gentler and expansive process now that I really have my centre or my ground and now that I have more willingly surrendered into it – partly because my centre – or the essence of who I am – is so clear and strong to me. It’s not rigid but beautifully flexible and makes exploring the edges more fun. I’m learning I don’t necessarily need the ground to shift underneath my feet to grow and that makes me even more willing to explore those fertile edges.