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A Still River Runs Deep

March 24, 2011

That was a line in a song I heard recently.  When I heard it, I was quite impressed with the metaphor and thought what a great reminder for how we should deal with other people. 

Why you ask.

Because a still river is often still moving very quickly.  There can be a lot of stuff happening below the surface that we can’t easily see without looking deeper literally or figuratively.

And, this is true for us as people.  Often when we meet people, we may not get much of a sense of how “their river runs”.  It might be quite deep and fast.  For us to enjoy the real nature of their river, we will need to spend some time getting deeper.

And, of course, it’s always good not to make too many assumptions about a still river.  You may think it is calm and still but step in and you might just get swept away.

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  1. Alan Quirt says:

    Hello again:

    Thanks for the featured blogs. Unfortunately the Still River one is incomplete on the web site; it ends with “When you meet people and”.

  2. mindscape says:

    Thanks for the heads up. One blog ran into another. My bad.