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To Be Happy or Happier…

November 8, 2007

As much as I do a lot of research into what makes people high performers and the general principles that help people to succeed and be happy… sometimes I actually think about how it affects me.  For example, I was thinking about happiness and whether I believe that I am happier now than I was in my previous life before starting Mindscape.  What’s surprising is that having that thought I realized something that I often talk about.  Being happy and present in the moment.  I am not happier now than I was before.  I was not happier in the past than I am now.  The key is that I was happy then and I am happy now. 

Many things are different between the two times.  And, there is no way that we can compare the two times.  We need to be able to adjust our lives as our lives change to keep us happy and successful.  The key is not to become happier and happier.  The key is to continue to be happy as we journey through life and business.

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